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Break-out sessions marked with a Beginning are beginning courses directed toward new publishers and author-publishers.

Break-out sessions marked with an Advanced have been designed to meet the needs of attendees with an established publishing program and to provide the opportunity for publishers of similar experience levels to meet and network with one another.
Break-out sessions marked with an e-Bopok indicate that the course content is related to e-books .
Print Book
Print book
Break-out sessions marked with a Print Book indicate that the course content is related to print books.

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Publishing University Schedule—Fri., March 9, 2012

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Steve PiersantiSession 101: Opening Keynote
featuring Steven Piersanti, Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012, Berrett-Koehler remains a “fiercely independent” publisher headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area whose distinctive practices and mission-driven publishing agenda have earned it accolades from all of its stakeholders. The company was an early mover in the digital arena, including beginning to sell e-books in 2000, creating a digital community building function in 2007, and being one of the first book publishers on various digital platforms. Join Berrett-Koehler CEO and founder, Steve Piersanti, as he shares his unique and no-holds barred vision of the future of book publishing—what he has to say may surprise you!

Session 201: E-MAGINATION: What’s Now and What’s Next in Social Media—How Publishers Can Profit

Globe graphic

Join a panel of digital pioneers and industry prognosticators as Chris Kenneally moderates a lively discussion on the latest tools and techniques to help publishers reach readers, what’s coming up and what it means to publishers. Get up-to-the-minute information that will help you formulate your own social media strategy that will help you sell more books—now and in the future.

Moderator: Christopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center

Panelists: Molly Birckhead, Harper Collins; Allen Noren, O’Reilly

Chris Kenneally  Molly Birckhead  Allen Noren

Session 301: Secrets of Successful Amazon Selling From Those Who Have Done It

Back by popular demand—learn the secrets of successful Amazon selling—from those who have done it! Meet an Amazon representative along with publishers who will share techniques for working successfully with the company that Internet Retailer ranks #1 in online sales. You will walk away with new tools in your arsenal for increasing your bottom line—online.

Introductions by: Cevin Bryerman, Publishers Weekly

Speakers: Thom Kephart, Amazon.com; Bella Andre, Oak Press; Aaron Patterson, StoneHouse Ink

Cevin Bryerman         

Session 401: Publishing 101—Crash Course in the Basics of E- and Print Publishing: Options and Answers

Whether you’re an author-publisher or new publisher, diving into publishing waters can be daunting. The questions seem endless—what are my choices for getting my book into print? Do I want a printed book or should I just create an e-book? How much will it cost? How do I market, sell and promote my title? Get the answers to these questions and more. Save money, time and frustration by learning what alternatives are best for your book.

Speakers: Peter Bowerman, The Well-Fed Writer; Tom Doherty, Cardinal Publishers Group; MaryAnn Kohl, Bright Ring Publishing

Peter Bowerman  Tom Doherty  MaryAnn Kohl

Session 402: Bookstores Do Count—Working with Indies to Reach Your Reader

Don’t miss this session that explores the latest trends in independent book retailing—and etailing—and how your book fits. Find out how indies are reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of the new bookselling environment—including their partnership with Google to sell ebooks onsite—and what it means for your book sales.

Speakers: Peter Goodman, Stone Bridge Press; Hut Landon, Northern California Independent Booksellers Association; Neal Sofman, Bookshop West Portal; Margie Scott Tucker, Books Inc.

Peter Goodman  Hut Landon  Margie Scott Tucker

Session 403: Content Monetization—Maximizing Your Bottom Line

Learn the ins and outs of making the most of your content to generate multiple revenue streams. This presentation will include tips on planning and staffing for content monetization; agency relationships and contracts; necessary underlying contract rights for publishers; diligence on rights licensees; and a survey of different types of content monetization projects and business and contract considerations, including e-publishing and content aggregation, audio books, custom sponsorship publishing, premiums and co-publishing.

Speakers: Lloyd Rich, Attorney at Law; Jon Tandler, Attorney at Law

Lloyd Rich  Jon Tandler

Session 404: Ebook Production Primer

Puzzled by PDF, bewildered by EPUB, befuddled by QR codes? Learn your options for turning print into ebooks or publishing in ebook format only. You will leave this session with clear, practical and understandable alternatives for going digital.

Speakers: Jim Azevedo, Smashwords; Brian Felsen, Bookbaby; Chintu Parikh, SachManya

Brian Felsen  Brian Felsen  Brian Felsen

Session 501: Publishing 102—Book Design That Gets Buzz
Whether print or “e,” a cover with wow factor gets your books into the hands of readers. Discover proven methods of successful cover and interior design presented in easy-to-understand tips and examples. Learn from some of the best in the business and walk out ready to tackle your book project.
Speakers: Shannon Bodie, Lightbourne, Inc.; Joel Friedlander, Marin Bookworks

Shannon Bodie  Joel Friedlander

Session 502: Ebook Trends—Who’s Buying, What are They Buying and What Does It Mean for Publishers?
Are more men than women buying e-books? Which outlets are most popular for e-book sales? What devices are most e-book readers buying? Get the answers to these questions and more and discover how to position your e-book publishing program to take advantage of what readers want—both now and in the future.
Speakers: Angela Bole, BISG; Kelly Gallagher, Bowker

Angela Bole  Kelly Gallagher

Session 503: Have Content Will Travel—Maximizing Foreign and Subsidiary Rights
Foreign Rights Sales, Audio Book Rights Sales, Paperback Reprint sales, and other subsidiary rights sales do not require a lot of investment and provide an ever-increasing source of additional revenue. Learn from the experts how to set up and maintain an efficient and profitable subsidiary rights program, including tips about international book fairs, using subagents, mailing overseas, using online resources, and much more.
Speakers: Maria Jesus Aguilo, Berrett-Koehler; Sarah Serafimidis, North Atlantic Books

Maria Jesus Aguilo  Sarah Serafimidis

Session 504: Meeting Copyright and Licensing Challenges in the Digital Era
Copyright and content are a publisher’s biggest assets. But now that your book can be duplicated and sold at the click of a mouse, protecting that content is a publisher’s biggest challenge. Some say that putting a digital “lock” on your content prevents piracy, many say that the cure is worse than the disease as Digital Rights Management can actually hurt sales and alienate readers.  How can you foil pirates without discouraging buyers? What terms do you include in an ebook “license?” In this session, you’ll walk away with answers to those questions and more.
Speakers: Christopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center; Jon Tandler, Attorney at Law

Christopher Kenneally  Jon Tandler

Drop in and visit with attendees and vendors and enjoy refreshing beverages and appetizers.

Publishing University Schedule—Sat., March 10, 2012

*click on any time slot (or on the tabs within) to naviagate the details.

Dan PoynterWhere is book publishing going and how do we take advantage of the changes? What opportunities are emerging as the Book Trade evolves into new forms? The large publishers are downsizing, the traditional brick & mortar stores are closing, and readers are embracing ebooks. These and other changes are affecting literary agents, wholesalers, distributors, reviewers, printers, truckers and everyone in the book trade. The winners will be the authors and smaller publishers who embrace the changes.
The Bad News: The book publishing industry is changing.
The Good News: The book publishing industry is changing.
Because, with change comes opportunity—if you know what to do. Some changes we like and some we fear. Discover what is happening so you can take advantage of the changes rather than be buried by them. Your customers have moved and Dan will reveal where they are now— and he will show you how to reach them!

Featuring Dan Poynter

Bring your coffee and your questions to this early morning session and discover how publishers can work effectively with Google to sell more books. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn “up close and personal” how Google can contribute to your publishing success.

Your own private consultation with experts from all segments of publishing! You could pay hundreds of dollars for a consultant’s individual attention, but at the IBPA Publishing University "Ask the Experts," access to the best in the business is free!
Baffled by marketing?
Puzzled by production?
Mystified by social media?

Then we’ve got the answers for you—and only at IBPA Publishing University’s " Ask the Experts.”

What do you get?

  • The undivided attention of a publishing professional with valuable experience in the area where you need advice.
  • A 15-minute private session—just you and your expert
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  • Valuable input to help you solve specific problems

Where do you get it? Only at IBPA Publishing University of course!

Session 601: Publishing 201—Social Media Stars: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and More
Boost your social media savvy in this session where you will learn tips and tools that may be your book’s best friend. Find out what social media can and cannot do for you, including the latest hands-on strategies for creating buzz for your book.

Speakers: Stephanie Chandler, Authority Publishing; Karen Leland, Sterling Marketing Group; Steve O'Keefe, Patron Saint Productions

Stephanie Chandler  Karen Leland  Steve O'Keefe

Session 602: How to Make More Money with Special Sales
Do you want to sell more books with no returns? Learn how to find new and profitable markets for your titles by selling to corporations, associations, discount stores, military exchanges—and more. Discover new techniques for segmenting your market and penetrating non-booktrade sales outlets and walk away with a blueprint for success.

Speakers: Cynthia Frank, Cypress House; Brian Jud, Book Marketing Works

Cynthia Frank  Brian Jud

Session 603: Advanced Techniques for Creating Websites/Blogs That SELL
Want to increase the return on your website investment? Got a blog that languishes because you “don’t have time” to keep it current? Make your website and blog a “marketing magnet” with new tips and techniques for offering content your online visitors want and encouraging them to buy.

Speakers: Joel Friedlander, Marin Bookworks; Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

Joel Friedlander  Joan Stewart

Session 604: Marketing to Libraries in the 21st Century
How do publishers reach this traditional market—that is anything but traditional any more? Libraries still have books on shelves but the number of ebook borrowers is growing exponentially. Learn from library professionals what makes a library marketing campaign successful and what you can do to increase library sales of your print and ebooks.

Speakers: Peter Brantley, Internet Archive; K.G. Schneider, Cushing Library, Free Range Librarian blog

Peter Brantley  KG Schneider

Session 701: Publishing 202—Creating Websites and Blogs that SELL
Take the mystery out of blogging and discover how to make your website come alive in this nuts-and-bolts session that will help you get started with these two must-have tools in every publisher’s marketing arsenal. Learn the essential elements of a book blog and how to launch your own. Find out how to sell more books directly from your website and much more.

Speakers: Shannon Bodie, Lightbourne, Inc.; Maggie Lichtenberg, Open Heart Publishing; Steve O'Keefe, Patron Saint Productions

Shannon Bodie  Maggie Lichtenberg  Steve O'Keefe

Session 702: Amazon: Maximizing your Book and Kindle Sales
Amazon is more than a decade old and the Kindle is approaching its 5th birthday. As the number one online retailer continues to grow in influence, discover what publishers need to know about how to effectively partner with Amazon to sell more books.

Speakers: Thom Kephart, Amazon.com

Thom Kephart

Session 703: Book App Basics
Some say it’s a marketing tool, some say it’s a standalone product, some say a publisher can’t succeed without it. The “app” has become part of the lexicon and in this session, you will learn the fundamentals so you can determine how (and whether) you should include it as part of your book marketing arsenal. You will leave this program with the basics you need to know to decide if book apps make sense for your publishing program.

Speakers: Rana DiOrio, Little PIckle Press; Donna Galassi, Avalon Travel and Seal Press; Ron Martinez, Aerbook; Jane Musser, Avalon Travel and Seal Press

Rana DiOrio  Ron Martinez  Ron Martinez  Jane Musser

Session 704: Joy of Discovery—How to Make Sure Buyers Can Find Your Title Online
Why is my title listed incorrectly at Amazon—and does it really make a difference? YES! The smallest error in your book’s title, author name, price or any other identifier can essentially hide your book from online buyers. Learn how to increase your book’s “discoverability quotient” and decrease lost sales opportunities.

Speakers: Rebecca Albani, Bowker; Angela Bole, BISG; Ben Todd, Firebrand Techologies

Rebecca Albani  Angela Bole

Otis ChandlerMichael WolfA Fireside Chat with Otis Chandler,
founder and CEO of Goodreads

With 7 million members discussing, recommending and reviewing 250,000,000 books, Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Join Goodreads founder Otis Chandler in an informal chat hosted by Michael Wolf, Vice President at GigaOm, and learn the story of the inception and exponential growth of this community whose mission is “to help people find and share books they love.”

Find out what’s next for Goodreads and how publishers can partner with the site to reach their readers. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Otis Chandler—successful entrepreneur and Hardy Boys fan whose mantra is “Knowledge is power; and power is best shared among readers.”

Session 801: Publishing 301—Distribution Basics: Making your Book Available on Shelves and on Screen
How to make your books available for purchase by libraries and retailers—both online and offline—will directly affect your bottom line. How do you determine which distribution option works best? What are the costs and benefits? This session will open your eyes to the realities of distribution in today’s digital marketplace and present options so you can decide what’s right for your title.

Speakers: Davida Breier, Johns Hopkins University Press; Mark Coker, Smashwords: Janice Schnell, Ingram Content Group

Davida Breier  Mark Coker  Janice Schnell

Session 802: Using Facebook and Twitter to Jump-Start Sales
With Facebook and Twitter users numbering in the hundreds of millions, exploring what that means for marketing books is a no-brainer. Get the scoop on tools you can use to promote your book on both Facebook and Twitter and learn real-world tips for making the most of these two platforms.

Speakers: Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, Rockaway Writer; Sarah Dickman, Odyl; Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

  Sarah Dickman  Joan Stewart

Session 803: Strategies for Partnering Effectively with Distributors/Wholesalers
How can you work more efficiently with your distributor or wholesaler to sell more books? What are some ways to fine-tune the relationship to raise revenues? Get the answers to these questions and more in this informative session that will teach you how to transform your distributor/wholesaler into your most effective business partner.

Speakers: Steve Mettee, The Write Thought (Moderator); Elise Cannon, PGW; Josh Mettee, American West Books; Mark Ouimet, Ingram Content Group

Steve Mettee  Elise Cannon  Josh Mettee  Mark Ouimet

Session 804: Cost-Effective Printing: Cutting-Edge Solutions
Print is very much alive and publishers have more choices than ever as to how to put ink on paper. Learn cost-effective options for printing one book at a time or hundreds, discover the latest in one-stop shopping for print and ebook conversion, and leave with creative and economical solutions that Gutenberg never dreamed of.

Speakers: Jonnie Bryant, McNaughton & Gunn; Robin Cutler, Ingram Content Group; Simon Warwick-Smith, Warwick Associates

Robin Cutler  Robin Cutler  Simon Warwick-Smith

Session 901: Publishing 302—Getting the Word Out: Publicity and Promotion in the Digital Age
Virtual book tours, online and offline reviews, releases, online communities, bloggers and more—our experts will show you hands-on techniques and practical tools you can use to promote your books without breaking the bank.

Speakers: Julie Eakin, Foreword Reviews; Stephanie Ridge, PR by the Book; Stephanie Stewart, Fitzhenry & Whiteside Ltd.

Julie Eakin  Stephanie Ridge  Stephanie Stewart

Session 902: Getting Attention: Promoting Your Titles to Bloggers and Online Communities
Shelfari, Goodreads, “mommy bloggers”—the list of online groups awaiting your book is huge and in this session, you’ll discover where to find them and how to reach them. You’ll walk away with strategies to spread the word about your book directly to your readers.

Speakers: Lindsey Rudnickas, Netgalley; Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

Joan Stewart

Session 903: From Book Trailers to YouTube: Video 101 for Publishers
Learn the many ways authors and publishers can use video to lure customers and make sales. Book trailers are great tools, but they’re only one of the ways to make the most of video content online. You’ll walk away with production techniques for a limited promotion budget and a new array of opportunities to sell more books.

Speakers: Eric DelaBarre, Seven Publishing; Tanya Hall, Greenelaf Book Group

Eric DelaBarre  Tanya Hall

Session 904: Positioning your Digital Strategy for Maximum Profits
Learn how to “put it all together” with advice from independent publishers who are meeting the “e- challenge” by creating a successful digital publishing program. They’re doing it and you can too—find out how and discover a blueprint for your own publishing path.

Speakers: David Marshall, Berrett-Koehler; Christopher Robbins, Gibbs-Smith

David Marshall  Christopher Robbins


"This conference was one of the finest I have ever attended. I came home inspired, loaded with many doable new ideas, and with many helpful contacts…I particularly enjoyed the positive, supportive, and helpful atmosphere and spirit of community among such a diverse group."
—Melissa Perry, Publishing University attendee

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